Dalyan & Turtle Beach

Passing near the ancient city of Caunos, you can photograph the rock carved Lycian tombs.

We travel along the pine and sweetgum forests along the most magnificent view of the Taurus chain on one side and the Mediterranean coast on the other. After an hour and fifteen minutes bus journey from Fethiye, we are in Dalyan to board our river boats. Then a trip through the nearby freshwater lake Köyceğiz and the channel labyrinth that joins the Mediterranean. Dalyan, which is a natural and large fish farm, is home to many bird, fish and amphibian species (egrets, kingfishers, silverfish, sea bream, sea bass, turtle, blue crab, etc.). First we visit SULTANİYE SPA and mud baths in the lake. The oldest and best in the region. Mud and sulfur springs with an ideal temperature and mineralist composition have been serving as repellent (cut ten years from our ages!), Beautifying (women do not need any!) And therapeutic natural agents for thousands of years. After lunch in our restaurant on the water front of the village, this time especially BC. We go down the river along the ancient city CAUNOS, famous for the Ionic temple-like tombs of Lycian style kings dating back to the 7th century. . Then it's time to swim at DALYAN TURTLE BEACH, which is listed as one of the best in the world. Keep the cameras close at hand because you may have the chance to imagine CARETTA, the loggerhead, which has been a huge sea turtle breeder in this region for 95 million years. Our Dalyan tours can be organized individually.

In the mud baths you will have fun and leave with healthier skin. According to the myth, the baths could make you look ten year younger!

The turtle beach, is one of the last strongholds of the Caretta Caretta (Loggerhead turtles), who go there yearly to breed, you'll be able to spot these beautiful creatures, swim on one of the best sandy beaches in Turkey and get a golden tan.

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