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If you are looking for a wonderful sailing trip, you can book fethiye to rhodes ferry ticket from Makri travel now!


We present the lowest ticket prices available in Turkey. The ferry voyage starts from the main port of fethiye.


Rhodes island is the biggest island of the Agean sea. It attracts both domestic and foreign tourists throughout the year. Ferry is the best way to reach this egzotic island If you located in Turkey. We schedule the ferry trips on a regular basis especially on summer seasons.  The unforgettable sailing experince starts right from the town of Fethiye, where the port is located.


Being one of the most attractive tourist destinations, Rhodes welcomes for those who loves sailing with ferries, and offers the best marine life experience whoever wants to.  Also, Rhodes island is being visited in every season regardless of the weather conditions. You will mesmerize with this beautiful marine life under the blue and open sky.

fethiye rhodes ferry ticket

While the prices may vary with ferry companies in Turkey, with a proper discount, we will always provide you the cheapest booking option available. We try to strive to become the best ferry operator in the vicinitiy.


In terms of customer support, prices, safety and a friendly approach we guarantee that you will be amazed how flawless a ferry tour can be.


How to get fethiye rhodes ferry ticket from Makri travel website?


With your credit card, you can securely book your ferry ticket now, for only 40€ from Makritravel website and get the most out of it. We provide free customer support (both for e-mail or phone etc.) and free passenger assurances.


Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us in a way that you would find comfortable.


You can book your Rhodes Fethiye ferry ticket with ease from our online page whenever you want to. In the main selection menu, simply choose “Fethiye” to “Rhodes” and other identity informations, and you are good to go! Your personal informations are needed as required by the Turkish law.


You can choose whether to buy a one way or two way ticket. When you about to buy Fethiye Rhodes ferry ticket, make sure to select main port Fethiye for departure port, and main port of Rhodes (Touristiko Port) for arrival port.


After the date of the visit is arranged, you shoud choose the passenger type as there are two different ferry tickets; adult or children. As a well known and respected ferry operator, we only accept the payments as Euro not in TL.


Next step for booking is the personal information. After the selection of date, time and customer type, it is time to add the Name, surname, cell phone number, e-mail adress, gender, and date of birth.

ferry fethiye to rhodes island trip

After fullfilling these informations, you are ready to complete the payment transaction  securely. As mentioned before, your sensitive information such as credit card, name etc will never seen by the third eyes and your privacy is protected.


We use 3d secure which is widely regarded as the most secure payment system. Please keep in mind that in the payment screen, you have limited time to confirm, otherwise the time expires and the payment would not be completed.


If you look for a ferry ticket with a reasonably low price, you can check out our Makri Travel or Tilos travel website. There, you can easily and securely buy your ferry ticket for main port of Rhodes, Chios or Samos island. We also have Samos ferry and chios ferry available.


Even we have a very dense schedule, it is suggested to book your ferry ticket as early as possible. Our ferry timetable is prepared to suit for the majortiy of our customers.


Things you should take into account about Fethiye Rhodes Ferry Ticket


Before booking or buying Fethiye Rhodes Ticket, there are some important points that you should have to care about. This points are already mentioned in our website, however we would like to let you know about these important facts ones more:



This rules are also being applied by nearly all ferry companies.


Fethiye Rhodes Departure Times and Ferry Routes


We everyday have multiple departures from Fethiye to Rhodes according to our ferry timetable. We offer direct ferries from port of Fethiye to port of Rhodes. After you have chosen port of Fethiye, port of Rhodes and subsequently the date and time, all available ferry trips are being listed for you to choose.

makri ferry company ferry route information

Ferries depart at 08:25 when leaving the port of Fethiye. The other journey which leaves from Rodos-Touristiko Port-Sea Star Lindos depart at 16:30. Please keep in mind that we can not accept any motor vehicle including car and motorcycle in our ferry routes. The ferry timetable is a standart procedure for according to our schedule, so please take extra care before boarding. We have two way trips almost everyday.


How long the journey be?


The duration between Fethiye – rhodes trip will be approximately 100 minutes with Sea Star Lindos catamaran. You can also buy your ticket from Tilos website, where you will have a comfortable yet safe travel from fethiye to rhodes. Our ferries offers the most comfortable journey you can get. Once you get the Rhodes port you can easily find public transportation services for reaching Rhodes Town.


Checkin process


We check and verify every ticket according to our rules. Therefore passengers should be ready at the Office for checking the passport and visa documents at least 60 minutes early.


Check-in process will be finished 30 minutes before departure. However, due to high demand in the weekends and in the july, august and september months , we advise you to come early for checking  process. Passengers should be seated 15 minutes prior of catamaran departure time.


You can trust Makri Travel. In case of cancellation of a trip due to weather conditions or technical problems, we refund your payment fully.


If you are interested in sky marine, sea trip, or just catamaran journey, please visit our website to buy Fethiye-Rhodes, Chios island or Samso island ferry ticket now.


Information About Rhodes Island


Being the biggest island in the Agean sea, Rhodes is the most attractive tourist destination in all seasons with its immense history and unique culture. Located just over eighteen kilometres of coast of southern Turkey, it welcomes tourists from all over the world annualy.


Its famous Rhodes town will give you an immense medieval feeling. Most tourists take the ferry which departs from Fethiye port to Rhodes port where the journey is safe and fun.


What to do in Rhodes Island


When you first arrive on the port of Rhodes town, there are numerous things to do. There are so much historic places, elegant  restaurants with a delicious recipe, nightclubs, breath taking sceneries that you have to spend at least a week to fully enjoy.


If you want to just spend just a day, you can go and see the famous Old town, where you can feel the medieval atmoshpere. As a visitor, you will feel the hospitality from locals. Rhodes town offers anything for those who love marine life.


Being just off the coast of west of Turkey, Rhodes island has a unique and warm climate which also has full of numereous beaches, historic places and natural beauty. If you want to have a great catamaran journey, it the right time; you can check out the Makri Travel website and securely book your visit.